AMA International Training Institute of Bahrain

AMA International Training Institute Bahrain (AMAITIB) is a member of the AMA Education System (AMAES) based in the Philippines which offers diverse academic programs in over 200 branches in the Philippines and other parts of the globe such as in KSA, Oman, Iraq, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

In 2015, being a member of Asia’s largest network of IT institutes, colleges, and universities; AMAITIB is set to offer competency-based vocational programs in the field of Business Management, Administrative and Soft skills, Accounting and Finance, Sales & Marketing, Training & Human Resources, Communication and Language, and Information and Communication Technology through its online and class-room based training setup.

Located in the heart of Bahrain’s business district – the Diplomatic Area – AMAITIB provides a good, motivating and inspiring training environment for its learners. With access to its full-time trainers, AMAITIB learners can guarantee for full support and guidance throughout their training.

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AMA Educaation System
AMA International Training Institute Bahrain (AMAITIB)

AMAES traces its roots in 1980 when Ambassador Amable R. Aguiluz V  founded the Amable M. Aguiluz Institute of Computer Studies (AMAICS) with the vision of providing quality yet affordable education to the youth. From a mere provider of short term courses, AMAICS shortly offered Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Program and became the Philippines’ first institution of learning to offer a comprehensive curriculum for the country’s future computer scientists.
Since then, AMAICS, has grown to become AMA Education System that offers diverse academic programs under its various institutions that include AMA Computer University and Colleges, AMA Computer Learning Center, AMA International Institute of Technology, ABE International Business College, Saint Augustine International School, Norwegian Maritime Academy, Saint Augustine School of Nursing, AMA School of Medicine, AMA School of Nursing and just recently, the AMA-Delta Aviation Academy .
AMAES has evolved into an empire of IT institutions with over 200 branches in the Philippines. In 1999, it was awarded with the prestigious ISO 9001 Certification — a testimony to its world- class stature. To reaffirm this, AMA Computer College was granted the university status by the Commission on Higher Education of the Republic of the Philippines on August 20, 2001.
AMA Education System gains strong ground in other parts of the globe with the same sense of commitment for excellence and quality.
Aside from its local branches, AMA has established some international branches in Asia and the US. It has gained international accreditation with some organizations/companies foremost of which are the American League of Colleges and Universities, the National Computing Center of the United Kingdom (NCC-UK), the California Accredited School Association, Association of Business Executives (UK) and the Kensington College of Business (UK). This accreditation equips AMA students with recognition and acceptance should they seek access to other colleges and universities for studies and work-related services in foreign countries.


AMAITIB adheres to the following core values and principles:
      ~Excellence and total quality service
      ~Competence and relevance
      ~Continuous quality improvement
      ~Responsible stewardship
      ~Diversity and equality


Visions for the First and Largest IT University in Asia
We live in this period of human history where the whole world is right at our fingertips. The advent of computers has changed our lives and keeps changing the way we live. We now find ourselves in this transitory stage of social evolution where knowledge workers have become the most valuable capital of nations in the global village. This is the Age of Information. This is the Age of Technology. This is the Age of Knowledge.
In the years to come, the shift from traditional modes of learning to what we may tentatively call “blended learning” will become more pronounced. All our campuses and branches have started utilizing online instruction or e-learning, making education more accessible anytime, anywhere. As the pioneer of online education, we shall soon venture into the establishment of the global online university.
Our expansion plans, therefore, are three-pronged. First, physical expansion by establishing other campuses abroad. Second, virtual expansion by dominating cyber space through online education. Third, internal expansion by opening new branches in the Philippines.
We remain steadfast in our commitment to produce globally competitive knowledge workers and we shall continue creating the demand for competent ICT manpower in the world market.
(Excerpts from the Investiture Address of Dr. Amable R. Aguiluz V, First President of AMA Computer University, 5 February 2002, 6:30 pm, PICC Reception Hall)