AMA International Training Institute of Bahrain

Admission to AMA International Training Institute Bahrain is open to all qualified applicants.

 Before an applicant is admitted to a particular training program,  he will be assessed by the Training Specialist on his training needs and reason for training. This ensure that all applicants are enrolled to the program that matches their needs and expectation.

 The applicants will be briefed on the following:

  • Training program information, requirement, duration and structure.
  • Admission requirements.
  • Type of award to be received upon completion of the training.
  • Training fee structure


To register to a particular training program, the applicant is required to submit a completely filled out Registration Form together with other admission requirements and the payment for the training fees.

Upon receipt of payment of the required training fee, a Proof of Registration is issued, including the corresponding training plan and classroom schedule.

Thereafter, the trainee reports for the orientation and to class(es) as scheduled.